Adhiguna Mahendra Marceau

Name: Adhiguna Mahendra Marceau
Sex: Male
Age: 21, 5th Dec '78
From: Jakarta, Indonesia
Fave Tina track: "Whistle Down The Wind"
Best Tina moment: My first time singing in front of public, my friend's birthday at fancy hotel. i was sang "Show Me Heaven" and "Unsung Hero" while played piano, the applause last  almost 1 minutes, nobody know the song nor the singer, later they told me that the songs was very beautiful(not my voice, though, lol).
Longest Tina moment: Searching for the US Version of Don't Ask, i was travelled to Malaysia and Singapore to get the Album, and find nothing, until i found it on small local store, covered by dust.
Best recurring Tina moment: I put Tina's pics as my Windows 98 Wallpaper and screensaver, usually the people using my computer for the first time commented, "who's this goddess u put on your screen? model, actress?", i didn't answer their question cause usually, they turn the Winamp on, and start to listened MP3, which's i put Tina's song on the list. Normally, their reactions would, "geez who's sang this song, sound like an angel's voice to me?", i usually answer, "just the one who's pics u r staring at now, nerd... ",usually again they surprised and chuckled "holy ****, where i've been all my life"
Best Tina site:  MMM's, Mark Dare's
Rarest Tina CD I own:  US version of Don't Ask
Fave Tina cover art:  Japanese "Burn" CD1 (soo artistic)

The Story:

In 1994 i attended Rick Price's promo concert in Surabaya, my friend was the son of the studio owner,so we have the access to back stage, in the back stage, we met Rick Price's beautiful backing vocal, she was brunette, Latino look, and about 5'4'' tall(not very sure),she has a little chat with my friend, she was so kind and friendly, but i was so tired i didn't gave any attention on her, i just admired her beauty quietly from a distance, then she shaked my friend, and gone.

In 1997 i remember two months before exams, i saw a very beautiful girl sang Burn on the MTV, the song was beautiful and the voice was incredible. i was falling in love all of a sudden. I recorded Burn(The CD was not on the store yet) and played Burn on my piano over and over again like a maniac(i am) and the crazy thing that i was started to dream about her every single night, i couldn't help it.  
i was tried to search her info in the  Internet, the first site i found about Tina is her official, Brett's, Troy's and Mark's pages. i found her biography and the lyric(that she wrote from her heart about her live journey).it made me even felt so close to her.
Then my friend read an article about Tina on the magazine and insist that the backing vocal he met at the back stage was Tina.I didn't want to believe that, because it makes me crazy, i hope it was not Tina.

i still love her now, her voice and music has become the part of my live since 3 years ago, i just hope that someday i'll meet her.