Derrick Lam

Name: Derrick Lam
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Country: Philippines
Fave Tina Song: Stay, Unsung Hero, If I Was A River, If I Didn't Love You, Not For Sale, Wasn't It Good, Be A Man, That's The Way A Woman Feels, Wouldn't Change A Thing, Best For You, Love's Funny That Way, Strong As Steel, Chains, Burn... actually the list goes on, but these are my best tracks!
Best Tina Moment: if i can cite one, it would be finding new cd's of her here in manila, because i like the way i feel whenever i see tina in front of a cd... weird huh? but it wouldn't be comparable to a  moment with tina on a dinner date... hehehe...
Longest Tina Moment: the 4 years of grueling wait to see her in person!!!!!!!
Rarest Tina CD: Burn The Remixes
Fave Tina Pic: the front cover of FHM!!!
Fave Tina Line: if i was a river, you would be my ocean, every stream would lead me to your arms and if... if i was a river i'll flow to you forever... love would run forever in this heart of mine... (everytime i hear this, i fell like melting...)
Fave Tina Part: her lips and eyes.
Best Site: don't ask it's MMM's and Mark's

The Story :

    ...but baby, baby... baby look at me, i said baby, baby look at me... i'm in chains!!!
those were the magic words when i first heard tina on the radio in early '96, i said to myself whose the girl singing? the way she screamed seemed like a real woman asking for help... i was awed at her vocal prowess, the dj announced after the song that it was tina arena, but i only remembered the name tina.
      i had a hard time finding the cd because there are a lot of singers named tina, at last after several trials i stumbled on the cd and bought it instantly... at that time no one knows whose ms. arena, but one thing's for sure, she's gonna be big!
      i also got tired to listening to the don't ask cd, i forgot her after some months because of her late follow ups...
      ...i want you to burn for me!!! ...if i didn't love you, if i didn't love and understand you baby!!! that was already 1997, i never knew who was the singer of that lines, but it kept repeating on my mind... i never watched mtv but i spent so much time because of the song, my friends started to tell me stories about a lady who has large breasts and a song called Burn. one time, i was watching mtv, stumbled upon a lady singer soaked in a seducing pool of water internalizing and singing seductively, i was stuck in awe... later on i was looking on that unforgettable face, god! SHE HAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FACE i have ever seen, and that PERFECTLY HIGH PITCHED FEMALE VOICE i have ever heard... a named appeared on the latter end of the screen...TINA ARENA IN DEEP... i screamed because i never thought she would follow up the don't ask album... after some time... years passed... i grew to love her more each day bought every single and mags they have here about her... and the rest was  major history...

        i know she will always stay in my heart, i don't know why, i just have one wish... i hope that i can be able to see her in person and express my gratitude and love, for she has been a part of my life...