Jess Jackson

Name: Jess Jackson
Location: Melbourne, Australia

The Story:

Hi I'm a 15 year old Australian, and when I heard that Tina Arena was signing Souvenirs I knew I had a second chance of a life time. I meet Tina when she signed In Deep in Melbourne. I lined up for eight hours and when I did meet her I froze! I knew this time I was going to say something to her. I went to Borders Jam factory at 11:30am and lined up. When I got there I stood in the line straight away. There were four other people in front me and they were all males. Tina was due to come out at 2:00pm. As I stood in the line I listened to other Tina fans talk about what they were going to say. As the time grew closer I got nervous. When 2:00 did come Tina wasn't out yet. Tina came out at 2:15pm and when she made her way to the stage she looked like a angle sent from heaven!
When it was my turn to meet Tina I took a huge deep breath and made my way to the stage. I looked her straight in the eyes and said " I can't believe I've meet you"
As I said that I almost started to cry. Tina asked my name and wrote a message on my CD. I shook her hand and as I talked to her she held my hand. She asked me questions about my age, were I'm from, and if I was still in school. I gave Tina a white teddy bear with a pink flower, and she thanked me a posed for a photo with me. As I went she said Merry Christmas.
When i got home i started to cry, at first i didn't now why but know i now because i've meet Tina Arena, She just not a person she's the best female singer in the world and i saw her up close and personal!