M. Agni Catur B.

Name: M. Agni Catur B.
Age: 22
From: Jakarta, Indonesia
Fav Tina track: depends on the mood
Fav line: many lines from Tina's songs are my favs, among of them are "if it's too easy it never last" "be anyone you want to be, bring to life your fantasy"
Best Tina moment: receiving programme book of Tina's In Deep Live Australian Tour and 1999 season greeting card with her picture.
Longest Tina moment: getting the US version of Don't Ask (the one with Show Me Heaven). i got the Aussie version in 1995, got the US version in 1997/1998. in the track listing there's Show Me Heaven. but when i played it, the track wasn't there :(
i told sony music about that, and finally i got the revised album about a month after it.
Best recurring moment: day after day there are more of my friends who love tina's songs.
Best Tina site: MMM's
Wish of Tina: i can meet her and watch her live concert/performance

The Story :

i knew Tina for the 1st time from a radio show in 1995. it's featuring new releases, and one of them was Don't Ask. when i heard Chains, it's love at 1st hearing. it sound so good and so familiar to my ears. i just love it.
not long after that, i saw the video on MTV. WOW, not just a wonderful and powerful voice, she's also so beautiful. i have to get the album, i thought. so i bought Don't Ask and love the songs (i still do). the lyrics are full of meanings and i'm happy knowing that she co-wrote most of her songs.
in the cover of Don't Ask was written the address of Tina Arena Information. i really wanted to know more about her, so i wrote to that address, twice, but never got any response :( 
i gave up and two years went by, listening to her song everyday, making my brothers and my friends went crazy :)

in 1997, i went to a computer exhibition that's connected to the internet. i was browsing to sony music site and found up that Tina was going to release a new album. i was so excited and wondering about the new songs in the that album. several days after that (i hadn't got the time to go to record store to check the new album), the tv was on but i was doing something so i didn't pay attention to it until i heard a familiar voice. could it be, i wondered. i ran to the tv and saw her on a new video (Burn). i recognized the voice but the look was so different. she's more ... sexy :)
i was sure it's her when i saw the song information at the end. then i bought the album (In Deep) and the magic was still there. the voice, the lyrics, and everything. 
in the cover there's a new address to get lyric sheet of the songs and information about Tina. so i tried again and this time i got response. i was so happy. i got the lyric sheet, a few cards of Tina, and a form to join The Arena Chain (Tina Arena Official Fan Club). i continued to write again and one day i received a packet. it contained more cards and a programme book of Tina's In Deep Live Australian Tour. Bernadette, who replied my letter, said that Tina asked her to pass it to me. i can't describe my excitement. 
and then several days after 1999 new year, i received a season greeting card with Tina's picture, saying :
"here's lookin' at you kid...
merry christmas and a happy '99
(with Tina's autograph although i think it's printed not hand-written)

so, with all of that, how can i not love her ?