Nerissa Picadizo

Name:Nerissa Picadizo
From: Philippines
Date of birth: June 20
Fav Tina song: too many to mention( can't help it) i really love all her songs
Best Tina moment: when i receive a message from Tina on the EPIC BB
Longest Tina moment: the unbearable anticipation of the day that i will meet Tina

The Story :

I guess the real first time that i heard Tina was on the movie"one fine day".i was bored watching that movie(story was shallow)and the only thing that perk me up was the part when Tina's song was played. though i didn't pay too much attention to it during that time.Not knowing that the person behind the voice would make a profund impact to my life.

As years went by(not knowing that a certain Tina Arena exist in some part of the world),i've heard a voice on MTV that really caught my attention saying"hi im Tina Arena..." there was something on it that caught my attention.i was im my room and was trying to put A face behind the voice.i promise myself that the next time that i will hear it i will have a look.but the second time i heard it,i failed again to have a look coz i was busy writing something but the voice just mesmerized me and i wasn't able to move.

Months has passed by,a radio was incidentally on my room.the song BURN was playing.i was not paying attention to it until the first line of the song came and i rem. being struck by the first line and found myself listening and identifying to the every lyrics of the song.i thought it was sung by the CORRS(how musically lame i was).Anyway, for reasons i can't rem. i found out that the song was sung by a person named Tina Arena.

A month or so has passed by,the music video of zorro came out.i never really watch mtv but for some reason i stop and watch.maybe to have a look of the footages of the film.i was so busy looking at the clips then suddenly, i saw a lovely face singing THAT INSTANTLY GAVE ME A SHIVER.i was asking myself"who is she?" SHE IS GORGEOUS!at the end of the video i saw a caption TINA ARENA and i was like"IS THAT THE VOICE THAT IS ECHOING IN MY MIND"Everytime i will see that video something told me to always stop  and watch.

Days or month have passed by AGAIN,I saw the video "i want to know what love is " and i was like oh it's Tina.after sometime, i heard now i can dance.i said to myself that the voice is familiar.then i saw again the video "i want to know.."i said to myself that i will buy her album,but i fail to do so.

On oct.17,1998 ,i was watching 1900 by bertollucci and i can't get out of the thought that i should have stayed home and watch "on the road with Tina Arena".fortunately enough there was a replay.when i learn about her sensibility as a person,she just easily won my respect and admiration.

On nov. 1 ,i felt that there is something   special that is happening (not knowing that it is Tina's birthday).then days, later i saw the video "i want to know.." saying to myself NOW IM GONNA REALLY GET THAT ALBUM.i finally ask my father to buy me the album.THEN THE REST WAS HISTORY...

It took me a real long while before i was so INDEEPLY CONNECTED to if some sort of divine intervention told me that this will be something significant in your life.I still can't forget a single iota of the experience when her face,voice and songs haunts and linger on my mind and this inner voice kept saying this will be something important. Everytime i will listen to her songs,i can't help but see myself ,my emotions and my life in her music.I love the sensibility and messages of her songs.I have this once in a lifetime certainty that came to me AND MY LIFE WAS NEVER THE SAME....