Raphaele Gambus

Full name: Raphačle GAMBUS
Age: 16
Date of birth: 24/08/83
From: Paris
Fave Tina track: sixteen years, I looooooooooooooooove that song :))
Best Tina moments: just read my story :))
Longest Tina moment: One day, I talked about Tina for 3 hours with my friends!!
Fave Tina cover art: I didn't understand the question!! lol
Rarest Tina CD I own: "Don't ask", which has never been released in France...
Fave Tina line: "Salut la France, je vous adore!!" with her cute accent! lol

The Story :

Here is my story... LOL

I’d like to share my Tina experience with you all...
I’ve known Tina since “I want to spend my lifetime loving you”, her 1st hit in France. I liked her at once! I bought the single. Then, there was “I wanna know what love is”, and “Aller plus Haut”, that I bought too. I liked Tina more and more each day (”j’aimais Tina de plus en plus”)...
 In August, I heard of a french concert of Tina at the Olympia. I finally decided to go there, but when I went to the FNAC to buy the tickets, they told me the concert was sold out. I was terribly disappointed. I had been waiting too long to buy them. But, a few days later, a friend told me that Tina would be at the Palais des Sports on October 25th. And the same day, I bought the tickets! I was so glad!!
 The D-Day was coming, very slowly but it was coming :) A few weeks before, I didn’t have In Deep yet! So I bought it to “learn” the songs and ya know what? I didn’t like the album the 1st time I listened to it!!! Shame on me... But I listened over and over, and I finally LOVED it! I knew almost all the songs by heart in only 2 weeks (although my english is bad!)

 Monday, October 25th. A long long day. My friend Lucie, who was going to see Tina with me, and I was so excited that day!
7p.m. We left home. In the car, we were listening to the radio, and we heard a Tina interview just before the show... Very interesting. 8.25p.m, we were in front of the Palais des Sports, and ten minutes later, we were in our seats. The lights went down, and the support artist Ugo Farell begins. End of his show, and beginning of Tina’s show! I thought “ca y est, on y est!!” (Finally, we're there), I couldn’t believe it, Tina was coming!! We saw her coming to the stage, and everyone was screaming like crazy people : “Tina,  Tina!!!!!!!!”... Great!
She sat at the piano and started singing “Burn”. WONDERFUL!! That was my favorite song, and she began with it... I was in heaven! The show was marvellous and sometimes, she tried to speak in French, with her so cute accent! But when she had to speak English, she spoke slowly so that we could understand her.
I remember a funny moment : when she was singing “If I didn’t love you” (I think it was that song...) she almost fell because her shoe was stuck in the carpet that was on the stage’s floor!! Then, she continued like nothing had happened... We laughed a lot!
Another fun moment : she announced the wrong song and her musicians didn’t understand because they were french, so they didn’t begin the song ; Tina said “oh excusez-moi!” when she understood that she made a mistake ... It was so cute!!
Before “now I can dance”, she asked if there was any latinos there and I screamed “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!” (I’m brazilian...). She answered “c’est bien!” (that’s good) and she told us that we could sing and dance on this song, so a lot of people came at the front, just next to the stage, everyone stood up, and the song began... I said to Lucie : “ on y va??” (should we go with all them?) and she answered “ouais!!!” (yeah!!) and we went with the others, about at 5 meters from Tina!! For the rest of the show, we kept singing with her and screaming!! And I think, I think...she looked at me twice!!! I’m not sure because there was too many people...
She finally ended her show with “Les 3 Cloches”... This show was really wonderful, I’ll never forget it! It was a great day for me, thanx so much Tina :))