Rich Burke

Name: Rich Burke
Age: 21
D.O.B:  1st Sept '78 (which makes the great date of 1/9/78 !)
From: Nottingham, UK
Website: Strong As Chains -
Fave Tina track: "Stay"
Best Tina moment:  Finding the UK promo of "In Deep", getting home and realising the one I was holding wasn't the one I'd picked up from the shop's shelf.
Longest Tina moment:  Walking 2 miles back to the shop to get the other promo.
Best recurring Tina moment: Listening to "Don't Ask" with someone new, getting to that bit in "Wasn't It Good" where it all changes and hearing them go "Wow!  Who's this?"
Best Tina site excluding my own ;^)  :  MMM's
Rarest Tina CD I own:  UK Mastering Studio CD of "Burn"
Fave Tina cover art:  UK "Burn" CD1 - just look at that hair!

The Story :

The date:    April '95
The time:    7pm
The scene:    Me, sat on the sofa, watching the show that is older than myself, the long-standing and still going "Top Of The Pops"

Imagine...a warm spring evening, the sun just setting, being curled up on the softness of the sofa watching and listening to all the new songs which are topping the charts.  Little was I to know that the events of this evening were to change my whole life for the better...

"And now, the debut single from an Australian singer, it's Tina Arena with 'Chains'"

The camera swept from the darkness onto the stage cloaked in a mist of dry ice, a bright white light shining forth from behind, and stood in the centre was an enchantress dressed all in silver.  She started singing sexily and powerfully, and my world stood still.  For the 4 minutes that followed I was transfixed, unable to move through sheer wonder.  I knew I would have to get this song - just listen to that voice! - and I got that excited feeling you get when something big's about to happen and you just can't wait.  It didn't come out for several weeks, but eventually I found it and it's still one of my favourite CD's of all time.  I got the album the week it was released, and listened to it every day for the whole of the summer.  My mum even has a copy hidden away somewhere.  And since that first moment I've just loved her to bits.