Steve Brogden

Name: Steven Brogden
Age: 22   
From: Sydney, Australia   
Fave Tina Songs: Chains, Sorrento Moon, Love's funny that way, Show me heaven, Burn, Any other love, Now I can Dance, If I didn't love you, Live for the one I love, The Flame   
Best Tina Moments:
Meeting the Diva   
2. Seeing the Diva live   
3. Seeing Tina blow the world away at the Olympic Opening Ceremony.   
Fave Cover Art: In Deep cover   
Rarest Tina CD I own: All of them - They are all signed and I cherish each and every one.   

The Story:

I remember Tina from Young Talent time - She was one of my favourite performers on this show. I remember Seeing Tina's final performance on the show - I remember crying as she took her final bow.   
I remember seeing Tina and her new look for her release of I need your body.
And then I remember the first time I ever heard chains. What a voice - hadn't she grown into a beautiful young lady - and what a voice - defined more now than ever before and more mature.   I immediately raced out and bought Don't Ask - the music touched me - as did her voice - It was simply stunning.
Each track was my favourite, and each listen made me more convinced - I was listening to the greatest voice not only of my time - but of all time. With ease she would belt out a tune of the highest quality and compassion.

The favourite thing I remember is seeing Tina Live in the flesh - It was the day of my HSC math exam - I sat the exam singing Tina songs the whole way through - As soon as it was over I raced out and went to Westfield's Parramatta where Tina was doing an in store appearance - She was due there at 2pm - It was already 3pm - I'm sure the fans had been waiting since 9pm. I took the chance not expecting her to even be there - let alone get to meet her. But she was still there and still signing autographs - She had been there for an hour and a half by this stage and there was still at least 100 people in line waiting. I raced to the end of the line expecting to find a security guard telling me the line was closed - But it wasn't. The line did close shortly after. I couldn't believe my luck -   As I drew closer to the stage - I realised how tiny she was - but at the same time how simply stunning she was. Classic Beauty are the only words I can find to sum her up.   It finally became my turn to meet her. As I approached - I was greeted by the hugest smile, and dazzling eyes. Tina said "HI" Arggh - I was mentally screaming - TINA ARENA JUST SAID HI TO ME!!!   I replied - "hi Tina - My name is Steven - I am so pleased to meet you - you don't understand what this means"   She thanked me and begun signing my CD.   Still in my uniform - I began to explain to her how I had raced here from my examination. She began speaking with me about exams and the HSC and how New South Wales differed from Victoria when it came to the HSC.   She had finished signing my CD - but continued talking - She asked if I liked the album and I obviously replied - NO - I LOVE THE ALBUM to which Tina laughed.   I then congratulated her on the Aria awards she had just won and on the success of the album, I then enquired about her up coming US plans. She spoke with me about how she would tour and promote the album soon.   I didn't want to leave - but knew I had to -   It was then I decided to make the most of this opportunity - I asked Tina if I could give her a kiss for luck. With out saying a word - she stood up and leant over towards me - and kissed me on the cheek.   My friend waiting in line behind me said we looked like old friends catching up -   I walked off stage and had a dozen people race over asking me a million questions - Like "Do you know Tina" - etc... -   

Nothing could compare to this other than when I saw her in concert - I had third row tickets but they allowed the first 8 to go to the stage - Actually it was Tina that told us to come up front. Security tried holding us back - but She gave the OK and I bolted to the front. To have Tina standing on the stage - standing right above you singing her songs - Its heaven.   

All I can say is Tina Arena is the greatest singer ever, but not only is she this - she is beautiful and a great ambassador for Australia and its music.   
Thanks for the music, the memories and the pride of being a fellow Aussie Tina. You Go Girl!