Weerat Sukhaviriya

Name: Weerat Sukhaviriya (Toey)
Age: 18, male
Date of birth: 12 November 1981
From: Bangkok, Thailand
Favourite Tina track: Every sounds of her :)
Best Tina moment: Sitting in the interview room with Tina Arena and channel [v] Thailand staffs.
Longest Tina moment: Waiting for the time to interview Tina Arena in front of interview room.
Favourite Tina cover art: If I was a river
Rarest Tina CD's I own: In Deep (Japanese & French release)
Favourite Tina line: '...So long together, two would be lovers caring for flowers that just wouldn't grow and in all of our tomorrows, we'll have yesterday and wasn't it good...'

The Story :

My story was begun from my sister's mistake.Three years ago, I asked my sister to buy cd for me before back home
(I can't remember what cd i asked her to buy) but she picked the wrong one and yes! that was Tina Arena In deep!!
The first time I listened to...fantastic!!! I really fall in love with this singer!!! so I keep on searching her information, details and many more on the net and I know that this is the 3rd album. 
After that about many months (and after my important even of me, I'll tell you later what is it, heehee:) ) I bought Strong As Steel (re-release) and Don't Ask (UK release), u know, how could I find the Don't Ask one? I found it in the old box under the shop's shelf while I was walking pass that shelf!!!(I was wondering why they didn't put it on the shelf) 
And here is my experience...There was "Tina Arena Competition" on channel [v] Thailand and the prize of this competition is staying at Australia for 4 days three nights and see "Tina Arena In deep Live Concert", why wouldn't I join this!!!
And one day I just back from school, the phone was ringing and channel [v]'s staff said to me "Congratulation, you are the winner for this competition!!!!!!" Ughhhh...I didn't know what I should say!!! Two weeks later, the time had come, we, I, ch[v]'s staffs and my favourite VJ, Janeen (everybody speaks in the same voice that she looks like Tina so much!!) arrived Sydney on the 3rd November afternoon, we spent the day with took the video for ch[v]'s program, Zogzag. And u know, we met CDB at Sony Music Australia and Human Nature at Hyde park (and took the photographs 4 sure heehee), we had the short interview with them. On the 5th November, 
it's Friday, we arrived Sony Entertainment Centre about 3 or 4 pm. for taking video before we're invited to the mass medium's room. We took some video there, took the pics with Tina and the concert was begun!!!!!! Every songs of her were performed perfectly, what a beautiful...attractive...charming...powerful voice!!!! after the concert, I bought In deep poster and In deep Live & Biography book before we back to the hotel on the King Cross Street. And on the morning of the last day in Australia, we went to take the special
interview with Tina at one hotel. After we went there, we all prepairing our dialogue for interview and suddenly my lovely VJ said "Here the angel comes!!!" "Hello!! You are the winner, right?" She said to me. We started the interview, it's about 30 or 45 minutes. We talked about 'how could I win this competition', 'how about the concert last night', 'how can I know her' and so much more...after that I asked her to sign the poster that I bought last night, video electronic express kit that Mr.Eytan Ben-David from Sony Music Australia gave me (u know, he's so kind...thank you so much) and on my In deep cd. I gave her Thai doll and there's the letter in the box, and for sure, not forget to took the pictures :). After that, we arrived the airport about 10 am. to catch the plane back to Bangkok, the sony Australia's stuff were sending us, "Good bye everyone and thank you for your support!!!" we said to them.

"George of the Jungle" was played while I was listening to...what? let's guess!! "I want you to burn...burn for me baby...zzz.I will never ever forget this precious experience.zzzZZZ.." I thought and dreamt about time in Australia while I was sleeping...but...."...Tea or juice..."...(hey, let me dream, Miss stewardess!!!), heeheehee