Dear fans,

We are three friends (Helene, Stephane and Damien), who are like you
fans of Tina. We discovered her on september 98 during a free show-case.
We didn't know her but we decided to go there because we heard that she
has a great voice. Effectively we fell in love with her voice and her
songs, and, after the show, with HER because she was very kind.

Since this day, we decided to go to each show that she was going to do
(in France of course) but it's not without trouble that we found where
she will be appearing !!!  Before her arrival in France we have to find
all the telephone numbers of all the programs she could do in order to
have invitations. But unhappiness we missed a few ones (especially radio

Moreover at each programs we wanted to see Tina coming and leaving, it's
very difficult because when you are in the studio we are not allowed to
go out of it. So we have to choose between seeing her singing or waiting
outside for her in order to talk with her. So sometimes we waited all
the day (from the morning (to be sure to see her coming...)to the night
(to see her leaving ...)) under the rain and mainly in the cold. But we
don't care about that because each time Tina was sweet with us.

Last time she came, Tina has done two duets during TV shows with famous
french singers (Liane Foly and Patrick Fiori).
Then, she has done a show-case (and also an interview) in a FNAC (a CD
store) of Paris. She sang four songs : an acoustic version of Burn
(which was wonderful because it was Tina who was playing piano), If I
was a river, I want to spend my lifetime loving you (alone) and I want
to know what love is. This performance shows one more time the
capacities and the talent of Tina on stage. And all the crowd was very
enthousiastic and surprised.
The week after, Tina toured in other FNAC across France (Orleans, Lyon
....). We know that one week without seeing her would be too hard so we
decided to go to Orleans which is a bit far from Paris. We arrived four
hours before the beginning of the interview. Tina seemed to be surprised
that we travelled to see her. She also made a session of autographs.
The most problematic thing for us is money !!! because we live in the
suburb of Paris and we have to take the train which is very expensive.
Moreover, in order to see Tina in all the TV shows and at her hotel we
have to miss school...

As you can see, it's quite hard and tiring (but very exciting !!)
because when Tina do many programs in a day, we have to run across

Today, Tina is very popular in France, she has sold 350 000 singles of
"I want to spend my lifetime loving you" and "I want to know what love
is" (which is the second single in France) is doing well in the french
chart. As a consequence, Tina will perform at the Olympia which is the
most famous concert hall of France on october the forth.

Big Kisses from France !!!

                                     Helene, Stephane & Damien