Tina Arena
The Flame
The Games of the XXVII Olympiad
(Official Music from the Opening Ceremony)

Today we will show who we are
We are the Earth and we are together again
My friends will you show us the way
We travel on, guided by the flame

Is this the hope of the world in my hands?
I'll take this moment, to be all that I can
Look to you to see the future
Stronger and free

The fire within makes you reach out to the goal
You redefine The Best by stretching the soul
A world in need of inspiration
Looks to you and me.


Since ancient times we come together
In the light of the flame, to stand together
for all the world to see
People reaching out to greatness
And all we can be.


Final Chorus

Today you will show who you are
The best on earth, and you bring the world together again
My friends you have shown us the way
Look to your hearts, you will find the flame

Look to your hearts you will find the flame