Are u obsessed with Tina Arena ?
Take this quiz and know ...

These are signs you are ...


1. The only thing on ur CD player is Tina Arena

2 the last time u listerned to anything but Tina was...well never!
3 Your retail ticket master is on speed dial and they know u by name 'cause u ring every day to see if Tina's coming to town...
4 Nov first is a public holiday for u
5 Your computer knows nothing but Tina pics articles lyrics song files and any other Tina related merchandise u can get ur hands on
6 You have time to arrange a "Are u obsessed?" list...
7 You start using "Darl" and "mate" every three words
8 all ur friends call u Tina
9 U change ur name saying "if Tina can do can i"
10 when ever u hear a date u search ur memory to see what Tina's doing that day
11 whenever u hear that Tina's going to be on tv u ring all ur friends and tell them to get there VCR's ready
12 you own every version of every cd Tina ever released or was featured on
13 your friends forbid u to mention Tina for a day ( Cruel people) and it works till lunch
14 u search ur family tree to find even the slightest trace of Italian blood in ur family
15 u move to France because Tina did
16 Your waiting to find out if you've been accepted as an Australian citizen
17 you hear one of her older songs and freak out...then ring the radio station and demand they play it again...just so u can tape it!!!
18 you can scan every magazine/newspaper article and find the word Tina in less than a second
19 u can't understand why people are leaving at the end of The mask of Zorro...they're missing the best bit!!
20 you spend 2 hours every day dealing with ur Tina e mails
21 you have every Tina related film ever made
22 you spent ur life savings on ur ticket to see Notre dame de Paris...and the airfare and the accommodation... 
23 you quote Tina on a regular basis
24 You have Tina photos in ur wallet
25 you know every Tina song by heart and can sing them in ur sleep
26 you can and do turn any conversation into something about Tina
27 in the presence of others, u are the only one aloud to sing along to Tina's hits. Everyone else is "ruining the song"
28 the man in the music store asks u about Tina's releases and other Tina news, it's much faster for him that way.
29 when asked to sing the national anthem u start singing Chains...

LOL ...
thanx to my dear friend Ebony for putting this list together, i hope u enjoyed it as much as i did :)