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The Spirit Of Christmas 1994
This album features Tina in duet with Rick Price on :
The First Noel

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Rick Price - Tamborine Mountain
This album features Tina in a duet with Rick on :
Trust Me This Is Love

As well as on backing vocals.

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One Fine Day - OST
This album features:
Love's Funny That Way

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The Greatest Dance Album In The World
This album features:
Chains (S&M Remix)

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The All Time Greatest Movie Songs
This album features:
I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You

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MTV Fantastic Females
This album features:
I Want To Know What Love Is

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Donna Summer - Live & More ...
This album features Tina in a duet with Donna on :
No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)

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The Mask Of Zorro - OST
This album features Tina in a duet with Marc Anthony on :
I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You

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Segnali Di Fumo
This single is a duet with Italian singer Luca Barbarossa

Luca Barbarossa - Musica E Parole
This album features Tina's duet with Luca :
Segnali Di Fumo

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NRJ Music Awards
This album features:
Aller Plus Haut

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This album features:
Aller Plus Haut

Notre-Dame De Paris
- Live For The One I Love - Celine Dion
- The Age of Cathedrals - Bruno Pelletier
- The Refugees -
Luck Mervill
- The Bohemienne Song - Tina Arena
- Belle is the Only Word -
- My Heart if You Will Swear -
Natasha St. Pierre
- Torn Apart -
Steve Balsamo
- The Bells -
- Dance My Esmeralda -
- The Pagon Ave Maria - Tina Arena
- Your Love Will Kill Me -
Daniel Lavoie
- Moon -
Bruno Pelltier
- God, You Made the World All Wrong -
- I'm a Priest -
Daniel Lavoie
- The Birds They Put in Cages - Tina Arena/Garou
- Cast Away -
Luck Mervil
- Live For The One I Love - Tina Arena

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This album features:
Les Trois Cloches

Spirit Of Christmas 2000
1.  S2S   Silent Night
2.  Glenn Shorrock  The Christmas Song
3.  Adam Brand  Here Comes Santa Claus
4.  Tina Arena  One Little Christmas Tree
5.  Bachelor Girl  Christmas Gives Me the Chance
6.  John Farnham  Every Step
7.  Kylie Minogue  Santa Baby
8.  Jon Stevens  Merry Christmas Baby
9.  Barry Croker  The Christmas I Remember
10. Olivia Newton John & Kenny Loggins  Have yourself a merry
11. Taxiride  I believe in Father Christmas
12. Deborah Conway The Last Day od Christmas
13. Jimmy Little  the Merry Christmas Polka
14. The Rudolphs  Carol of the drum

Release Date : 15th September 2000 : Australia
- The Flame : Tina Arena
- Dare To Dream : Olivia Newton-John / John Farnham
- Heroes Live Forever : Vanessa Amorosi
- Under Southern Skies : Nikki Webster
- The Man From Snowy River : Bruce Rowland
- Deep Sea Dreaming : Elena Kats-Chernin
- Awakennings : David Page
- Fire : Michael Askill
- Nature : Chong Lim
- Tin : Paul Grabowsky / Ian Cooper / John Frohlich
- Arrivals : Peewee Ferris
- Eternity : David Hirschfelder
- Berlioz : Te Deum
- Fireworks : David Stanhope
- Fanfares : Richard MIlls / David Stanhope
- National Anthem : Julie Anthony / Human Nature
- Olympic Hymn - Yvonne Kenny
Triple MMM.gif (6013 bytes) Musical Challenge : 2000
- Cheap Wine (Tina Arena)