Soul Mate #9
Desmond Child, Tina and P.Amato

Soulmate number nine
You say that I'm the only one, but I know it's just a lie
Soulmate number nine
You're living in a fantasy in your mind

You live in a made up world
You think that I don't see it's a world of make believe
You spin a tangled web
Just like a fairy tale it's all in your head

You promised me the world
You promised me the sun
You promised me heaven
But you've gonna turn and run

Repeat chorus

Soulmate number nine
You say you're a grown up man
You've got it in control you pocket's running low
That's not what I need from you
It's never what you say, it's only what you do

You look into my eyes
You try to hypnotise
You say that it's forever
But forever means goodbye

Repeat chorus

Soulmate number nine
And I would''ve loved you
If you just be who you are
If you just say that you want me
And let the feeling feel so real
I feel you coming from my arms

Repeat chorus to end.

(Thanx to Damian Nicholas for the lyrics)