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If you live in the United States.... On March 21 check out the Sunday newspapers!!! There will be an Aussie Shampoo advertisement featuring TINA ARENA fill in the coupon and with a proof or purchase of Aussie Hair Products, you can receive a free TINA ARENA 3 track CD single - featuring "If I Was A River", "Chains", "I Want To Know What Love Is".

So all you U.S. Tina fans, read your Sunday Newspaper, buy your Aussie Shampoo and send away for a FREE Tina CD - (sorry this only applies to those in the U.S. )



After several false starts we are pleased to advise that the U.S. version of Tina Arena's "In Deep" will be available in stores from March 30th on the Epic label. The tracklisting is as follows:

If I Was A River has been serviced to radio and Tina Arena is the most added song at A/C radio for the 3rd consecutive week at R&R and is the highest debut at #28. There isn't a commercial single release at this stage which is most common for the U.S., the song appears on the In Deep CD.


The U.K. has released Burn as their next single from "In Deep". The single release in currently available in the U.K. and has been added to the is Radio2 playlist, as well as Heart FM. The Box is screening the beautiful video to this track. Look out for Tina on VH1 and GMTV soon....






With the exception of France, Europe has released Burn as their second single. The release is available on the following formats.







Following the enormous success of "I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You", Columbia France will release a second single from the "In Deep" album on February 2. The single will be "I Want To Know What Love Is", Tina's stunning version of this track is sure to delight!



If I was a river-The Remixes should be released in the coming months, but up to now no track listings or cover have been specified yet

Hi everyone, 

It has been a while since I last had time to put pen to paper because so much has been going on. There is so much to tell that I thought I had better stop for five minutes and write it all down!!! Where do I begin......

In July I performed at the Prince's Trust concert in Hyde Park, London to an audience of 150,000 people!!! I performed "Chains", "Whistle Down The Wind" and "If I Was A River". This was the first time I had performed "If I Was A River" so I was quite nervous but the audience seemed to really enjoy it.

After London I headed to Miami where I performed a few songs at the Sony Music worldwide concert. From Miami it was back across the Atlantic this time to a place I had never been before, Egypt. What an amazing country!

We travelled to Egypt to shoot the video for "If I Was A River' - it was an experience! We travelled to Cairo and Luxor, the heat was almost unbearable but fortunately we shoot most of the video at sunrise or sunset and not during the heat of the afternoon. The video was directed by Pierre Baroni who I have worked with before on the "Burn" and "Now I Can Dance" videos. It is really interesting, check it out!

After Egypt I headed to New York to do some interviews. Marc Anthony and I performed "I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You" on Regis and Kathy Lee. They are a scream!!!

I then snuck in a quick five day holiday on the gorgeous island off Santorini in Greece. I met up with Anna Vissi, who European fans would know well. Anna is a fantastic singer from Greece and a great party girl!!!

Recently I have been in rehearsals with my band in London preparing for showcase performances that we are doing throughout Europe for my record company and media. We played the first one in London at the Hanover Grand on September 3 and it was fantastic. It was the first time a lot of these people had heard me and I think they enjoyed it..... well I hope so anyway!!!

A big highlight for me recently was being invited by the Bee Gees to be their special guest at their show at Wembley Stadium. This was a huge thrill as I have always been a fan of the Bee Gees, they are such wonderful musicians and people. We had a fantastic time and got to perform in front of 56,000 people!

In the coming weeks we travel to Deauville, Oslo, Hamburg, Paris and Milan to play more showcases which I am really looking forward to this.

Anyway, I better go and do some work now! As always, thanksfor your support and I look forward to catching up with you in some part of the world some day soon.......

Tina Arena

Well almost everybody should have heard of the latest album of Tina (In Deep) if not listened to it or bought it and most should know by now, the dancey "Now I Can Dance" is the third single off it ,after "Burn" & "If I Didn't Love U".

The single, which was purposed to be released on the 3rd of April was eventually pushed back until the 14th instead. Also, the video for it is quite interesting and different from her other music videos.

'In Deep' fell out of the ARIA Top 50 album position and so it seems that Sony Music is trying to get the album sales back on track. "Now I Can Dance" seems to be doing the trick, it is a very commercial song and It debuted on the National ARIA chart at #42 which is fantastic..

Sony Music is trying to ensure that the album sales rise again by including a limited digipak edition of the single with lots of remixes, a huge Tina poster and lots of new Tina pictures. So look out for it.

Plus there is a second version of the Now I Can Dance single which is in a clear plastic case with only an insert as the cover.The cover is similar to that on the pull out poster version, but has a black surround and then a gold border inside that. The radio edit has gone, and there is an extra remix. So the new one has 5 remixes, rather than the radio edit and 4 remixes.

The Now I Can Dance single the last I heard is at 35 nationally which already makes it bigger than "If I Didn't Love You".

There isn't much news of Tina, except that she just went to Singapore briefly for a day of interviews and press conferences. She is currently now back in US, where her preparations for the launching of 'In Deep' in USA continues. The 2 new tracks to be added in the USA version of the album follows:

>>No Shame: Written By: Tina Arena, Pam Reswick and Steve Werfel

>>Strange: Written By: Diane Warren

The International release plans have changed a little due to the amazing things that Tina has been doing in the US and UK (check out “Letter from Tina” to find out more). At this stage “In Deep” will be released in the U.S. and UK around September of this year.

Another sure thing is that Tina is singing on the soundtrack of the film 'The Mask of Zorro', up to now all we've heard of is a duet with Ricky Martin singer of ("Un Dos Tres (Maria)') called "I want to spend my life loving you".

The producers asked Jim Steinman to produce the song and asked him who he would choose. Jim had just seen Tina's performace at Andrew Lloyd Webbers concert of 'Whistle Down The Wind' and instantly said TINA. The movies producer said they want a Celine Dion type singer and Jim said just listen to Tina's new recording of 'Whistle Down The Wind'. He did and was sold on Tina.


>>Letter From Tina (Taken from her official website) :


Tina writes from the US where she is on her USA promo tour. 

It has been a busy few weeks for me since last time I wrote. So much has been going on and there is so much to tell...... So I guess I will just start from the beginning.

As I mentioned last time I was preparing to shoot a video for my new single “Now I Can Dance”. Most of you have probably seen the video by now. It was so much fun to make. I don’t really enjoy making videos and as you know often the focus of most of my clips is on me, so it was nice to have a lot of the attention taken off me and put on to the fantastic cast that we assembled for the shoot. I had a fantastic day and got to meet some amazing characters!!! We were lucky enough to convince Charo, who was well known for her role in “The Love Boat”, to stay in the country for a couple of extra days to be a part of the shoot. She is an amazing lady and boy can she throw a guitar!!!!

After the video I made a short promotional trip to Singapore which included an MTV Unplugged show. That was really fun. I spent five days there and had a wonderful time. I had not been to Singapore before so it was a first for me. The country is quite beautiful and the people are extraordinarily friendly.

After Singapore I returned to Melbourne briefly and performed on the first episode of Elle McFeast’s new show. That was an experience!!! As you may have heard the show’s “surprise guest” was none other than Mark “Chopper” Reid. The program created quite a lot of media attention but that seems to have died down now. Congratulations to Elle who did an amazing job of keeping her cool under difficult circumstances!

ARIA (Australian Record Industry Association) asked me to go on the Midday program to debate the issue of Parallel Import. In case you aren’t aware the government is currently attempting to pass this legislation. In simple terms this would spell disaster for our local music industry as it will allow anyone to import records into the country and therefore take away the right of a record company to exclusively record, manufacture and distribute an artist’s work. It would therefore mean that record companies would have no reason to invest in local talent. It is a serious issue for all Australia musician’s and one that I support wholeheartedly.

A few weeks ago I was approached by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber to sing the title tune to his new show entitled “Whistle Down the Wind”. I accepted this invitation and flew to Los Angeles to record with Simon Franglen. The song is a beautiful ballad. Following the success of the recording, Andrew again approached me to sing at his birthday celebrations in London at the Royal Albert Hall. It was an amazing experience and one that I will treasure forever. The evening was beautifully staged and I was fortunate enough to share a stage with the likes of Glenn Close, Antonio Banderas and many other greats......

On a plane from New York to London I caught up with a friend, Robbie Williams (ex Take That)... we had some real laughs which made the flight pass quickly (I love this guy - he’s so talented). While I was in London I was approached by the The Mask Of Zorro movie people and they asked if I would be interested in singing the title tune for the film called “I Want To Spend My Life Loving You”. The song was written by James Horner who wrote Celine Dion’s hit “My Heart Will Go On” for the Titanic soundtrack. The song was produced by Jim Steinman who also produced “My Heart Will Go On” and the movie was directed by Steven Spielberg.... After watching a trailer of the movie they sent me (it is WONDERFUL). I of course jumped at the chance, so as I write this I am in a hotel room in London having just completed recording the song which is a duet with Ricky Martin. I believe the movie is being released in the USA in July and around September in Australia.

In a couple of days I will be heading home. Unfortunately I will only be staying for about a week. I will be doing a couple of performances of my new single “Now I Can Dance” on television and then leaving to go to Los Angeles to shoot videos for “Whistle Down The Wind” (Andrew Lloyd Webber) and “I Want To Spend My Life Loving You” from The Mask Of Zorro film.

That’s about it for now........

Take care,

PS: Thanks for all your support with my new single " Now I Can Dance " .



The most important news is that NICD is still moving up the charts strongly , reaching the #13 spot just days ago .

Tina will be performing the Princes Trust concert in in Hyde Park, London on July 5 (specially invited by Prince Charles himself!). Other performers includes Eternal and Gary Barlow. However, all 100,000 tickets have been sold out! .

The title track of Andrew Lloyd-Webber's new musical production, "Whistle Down The Wind", will be released as a single by Tina in the UK on June 15. The album will be released on August 3.

Andrew Lloyd-Webber's 50th birthday celebration will be televised on ITV [UK] on June 6 at 9.00pm. It will be available commercially on retail on June 8.

Tina will be performing at the Epsom Race Course, UK on June 6. This is a free event organised by Heart 106.2FM.

Tina also recently recorded the song for the new Steven Spielberg film, 'The Mask of Zorro' but not with Ricky Martin , it was with another latino artist "Marc Anthony", at SARM Studios in London. Marc Anthony is a Latino artist who was nominated for a Grammy in 1996 for his second album, 'Todo a Su Tiempo'. I'm sure you'll hear more of him when the single comes out. The song, 'I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You', was written by James Horner & Will Jennings who won an Oscar for Titanic and was produced by Jim Steinman (Meatloaf). The film is due to be released in July in America first and then in Australia in September. The music video clip is being directed by Nigel Dick who also directed Tina's 'Show Me Heaven' in the U.S as well as having shot clips for Oasis and more! The clip will be set in 'Mexico Street' on the Backlot at Universal Studios.

The duet wasn't done with Ricky Martin as scheduled because his record company didn't want him to have an English single out that would compete with the songs featured on his forthcoming first english album. So they didn't allow him to release that song.



>Phone Interview with Tina (By reporter from Phillipines :


Tina Arena: The Diva Behind Burn

Tina Arena got her first standing ovation at the age of five. Of course, that was long before she produced chart-toppers like Burn and If I Didn't Love You .

Back then, she was an overzealous flower girl excited by the sight of a band and a microphone at a big Italian wedding (her parents were Italian immigrants who made their home in Melbourne, Australia.) Tiny Tina, a nickname she was later given when she turned child star, was hassling her father all night long to ask the emcee of the night if she could sing one song. Both men were obviously hesitant but they gave in. Far from being a disappointment, Tina's rendition of You're My World brought her audience to their feet with cheers and applause. The unexpected response scared the poor little girl. She burst into tears and ran off the stage. That was her introduction to the music biz.

"People think I live in Melbourne," says this friendly voice connecting to us via an overseas call from Down Under.
"Actually, my work takes me to different parts of the world several months in a year. Around a month ago, I performed in Singapore. By the time this article sees print, I'll be in LA. There are no plans of doing a show in Manila yet but I promise to go there soon. My home (which I incidentally designed myself during my free time) is here in Australia. But, really, I'm more of a universal resident. Fortunately, my husband works in the same industry so he travels with me a lot. Otherwise, our marriage wouldn't stand a chance!"

Don't knock yourself silly for not knowing the attractive pop diva is married. Actually, very little is known about her personal life. "I'm a private person. I think I have to be to survive. And because I've been doing this for 20 years now, popularity has become a natural part of my life. If I achieved success only recently, I would have loads of trouble adjusting. But I've been a public figure all my life. I give so much of myself as an artist that I have to keep what's left of me for myself otherwise I'll die. I won't be good to anybody if I'm dead," she teases.

Far from living the flashy lifestyle of a Billboard star, Tina enjoys a relatively normal life in Australia. She loves cooking, eating, entertaining, collecting antiques, shopping, and going to the beach. Her current passion is eight-month-old dog Goldie, a gift from her husband.
"She is so adorable with soft brown eyes," gushes the proud Tina.
"She's half Maltese and half Shitzu. Goldie is getting groomed right now so she'll be back here later with her fur all fluffed up. She is my one indulgence. I don't mind spending a fortune on her. She's even got a sort of nanny (a friend of mine she is particularly close to) for when I'm away on tour. I get very emotional when I leave her so I make sure she's taken care of."

For now, Tina is much too busy to start a family. There's no real rush for her career has just begun to peak. Faced with an exhausting day of phone interviews to promote in Asia, Tina doesn't lose her sense of humor even when asked the corniest of questions.
"In this business, one needs to know how to laugh. If I don't have a sense of humor, I'd end up taking myself seriously," she insists.
"Does Tina Arena know how to dance? Ooohhh she's really shockin'! I don't dance. I'm a bad dancer. Whatever kind of dancing you see in my music videos are all that I can do. Just because I can sing doesn't mean my body can follow a rhythm." How ironic then that the next cut off In Deep is the upbeat i Now I Can Dance .

Acting is another field Tina is hesitant to pursue. In the early 90's, she starred as the narrator in the Australian production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. That was her first and last attempt at theater, opting to concentrate all her energies on a recording career.
"I don't have a great desire to be an actress. If I were offered a movie script that I really, really liked maybe I'd accept it. However, I believe that we should focus on something we're really good at. I'd hate to grab a job from someone who is more deserving.
" In the meantime, Tina jumped bravely into songwriting. She says quite honestly that need pushed her to co-write all three of her albums. None of the available materials lived up to her expectations. Instead of playing the waiting game, Tina sat down with composers and shared some of her insights. Thankfully, she had the talent for it.
"I'm an autobiographical writer," Tina admits with no explanation.
"The reason why I think Burn became such a hit is because it has a beautiful melody and beautiful lyrics. Nothing could be more wonderful to a writer than knowing that people can relate to his/her songs.
" Making her even more effective as a writer is her sensitivity to the plight of others. Currently on her mind this hectic afternoon is the chaos in Indonesia. Like any "decent Australian," Tina has been lured to the lush beaches of Bali. "I'm a Scorpio that's why I love the sea. The first time I went to Bali was seven years ago with my sister. I'm quite familiar with Indonesia," she confirms. "I've gone there three times on pleasure trips. The Indonesians are incredible people. They deserve to be happy. I pray that they achieve peace." Tina slips back to her cheerful self when asked if interviews such as these still bother her. A silent smile runs from her telephone line in Australia to ours in Manila. "Oh, not at all! There was a time I was so scared of being asked questions. But now I've learned how to relax," she assures. "It would be nicer though if we were face-to-face. I'll tell you what. Why don't you approach me when I get to Manila? Introduce yourself and we'll have another chat. You can tell me what beaches I can go to." }

Thanx to Karen Calilung for sending me this Interview...


On June 29th, an album that Tina did with John bowls, which was first released in 1977, has been digtally remastered, and will be avaliable on the 29th of June.. The album is called Tiny Tina and little John...

Tina's "Whistle Down The Wind" single was released in the UK 15th June,If you'd like to see the tracklisting , just jump over to the discography page ...

Apparently, the Zorro duet will NOT be next US single. "If I Was A
River" will be released in US on the 21st September (Monday)! The single
will be available on CD1, CD2 and also Cassette through Columbia
Records. It is produced by Walter Afanasieff who has previously worked
with Mariah Carey and Celine Dion amongst many others.

The video for the single was filmed in Egypt in the middle of July on
the banks of the River Nile in Cairo & Luxor, in temperatures of 120F!