For Him Magazine : special collectors edition

Since her first tiptoes into the world of entertaiment as a child star on hit aussie show Johnny Youngs Young Talent Time, Tina Arena has blossomed into a bona fide sex kitten. It's an image change which has her reaped rich awards. Her last album, Don't ask, sold more than two million copies world wide, making her at 31, Australia's highest selling female artist.

Q : What is the scariest thing you have encounted in your career so far?
A : It was probably a couple of years ago when I sang the national anthem at the AFL grand final in front of 100,000 people with 30 million watching on tv world wide!!!!

Q : Isn't AFL a bit silly, with its funny flag men and those tiny shorts and vests?
A : Hey, it's fantastic. I have given it a go to but I broke my ankle - that was the end of my career.

Q : Were you catching or kicking?
A : I was just buggering about with the ball and I went over my ankle.

Q : Have you ever stumbled on someone doing a karoke version of one of your songs?
A : No, but it certainly would be value for money. If anyone is offering to do it I would be up for it. I actually did some Karoke some time ago in Copenhagen

Q : What did you perform?
A : I think I did some kind of streisand song.

Q : How do you normally get ready for a gig?
A : I practice my breathing, that is all. You can't afford to panic.

Q : What is the worst expierence you have had on stage?
A : One time there was a woman that screamed out after every song wanting my autograph.

Q : Did you sign it?
A : Yeah I thought it would shut her up!!

fhm 1999.