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I'd like to thank all my great friends who supplied me with the pics in these galleries, here is a short list of the ppl who come to mind right now, if u ever sent me a pic and u don't see ur name listed then just tell me, and u should know that i don't really have to list ur name to show my appreciation, i love u all :)

  • Mark Dare
  • Sandra Ignacio
  • Laurent Backer
  • Stuart Scott Davis
  • Emily Slatts
  • Rhiannon Morley
  • Marie Lise Huynh
  • Emma Stevenson
  • Michael
  • Danny
  • Glen Hosking
  • Mark Rigby
  • Sebastien Bernaud
  • Troy Dodds
  • Chas
  • M. Agni Catur Bhakti
  • Welly Chandra
  • Aaron Chegwyn
  • Maribel Escobosa
  • Dave
  • Gerard Ong
  • Christine Coles
  • Michael Abrahams