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>Introduction :

Strong As Steel features Tina's first hit song, 'I Need Your Body', a platinum status single which was the 2nd best-selling single of the year in Australia. This album marks the birth of a new star, and with it Tina Arena went on to produce her next massive successful album, Don't Ask. In overall, Strong As Steel is relatively weak in its content and style, due to the fact that it is Tina's first album and she has not matured in terms of singing style. Nevertheless, it's not a bad try for her as Strong As Steel gave her the courage to work on her next album.

>Sales :

Worldwide: 50 000 copies

Australia : 35 000 copies 1X Gold

>Track List :

1. Woman's Work * 9. I'll Be There
2. I Need Your Body * 10. Stagefright
3. Close To My Heart 11.I Believe *
4. For The Sake Of Talking 12.Wouldn't Change A Thing
5. Rumour Has It 13. Best For You
6. Images Of Love 14. On The Line
7. Strong As Steel * 15. You Make Me Feel Good
8. The Machine's Breaking Down * 16. Be A Man (Demo Version)

* The standard 5 tracks

>Album Versions :


Version Contents
Australia Standard 5 tracks + Close To My Heart + For The Sake Of Talking + Rumour Has It + Images Of Love + I'll Be Here + Stagefright + I Need Your Body (Original 12" Mix) + The Machine's Breaking Down (Club Mix Hot Dr. Mix)
Australia Standard 5 tracks + Wouldn't Change A Thing + Best For You + On The Line + You Make Me Feel Good + Be A Man (Demo Version)


>Singles :


I Need Your Body

Written By:Ross Inglis

Highest Position : #3 ARIA Top 100

70 000 copies 1X Platinum


The Machine's Breaking Down

Written By: Ross Inglis

Highest Position : #23 ARIA Top 100


Strong As Steel

Written By: Diane Warren

Highest Position : #30 ARIA Top 100


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