Uk sun, march 1999, beauty section

Tina Arena is Australia's highest selling female artist ever. The 31 year olds latest album In Deep was a huge hit in Australia and now she tries to conquer the world - The lady herself gives us some beauty tips.
Q : How do you cope flying around the world all the time?
A : I drink plenty of water and use rich moisturiser to stop my face drying out

Q : What products do you use on your skin?
A : I constantly change but at the moment I am using products by Bharti and Jo malones skin products.

Q : Do you exercise?
A : I do light gym work every day and swim alot.

Q : What beauty product do you swear by?
A : Bloom lavander facial spray for sure.

Q : Do you color your hair?
A : Yes, enough said

Q : Any beauty secrets you can share with us?
A : Drink water, water, water - it is the best

Q : how Do you relax?
A : I use lavander oil in the bath and in my oil burner to relax me.