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In Deep (French Release)


Aller Plus Haut
I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You
I Want To Know What Love Is
Les Trois Cloches
If I Was A River
No Shame
If I Didn't Love You
Sixteen Years
I Want To Live With You
In Command
Unsung Hero (Choir Mix)
Now I Can Dance

Below is the list of people who have it for trade, and their list of wants ...

  • Clarence Wang :

    • Turn Up The Beat 7"

    • Woman's Work 7"

    • Don't Ask Video (with box and picture sleeve)

    • In Deep Live Video (with box and picture sleeve)

  • Jacques LEFEBVRE :
    • CD single "Now  I can dance"  (2 CD differents)
    • Video Live concert 
    • CD single "Ti  Voglio Qui"  Australia
    • CD single "Burn" the remixes  Australia
    • CD single "Yew I  didn't love you"   Australia
    • CD single "Heaven help my heart Australia - equally promo version








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