Here are the right answers for the trivia ...

1. On what day was Tina born ? (day/month/year)  1/11/1967
2. Whats Tina's original first name ? Filippina Lydia
3. Whats the name of the show Tina starred in as a child ?  Young Talent Time
4. Which one of these was Tina's first single ?  Turn Up The Beat
5. Which one of these was Tina's first album ?  Strong As Steel
6. Whats the name of Tina's ex husband and manager ?  Ralph Carr
7. What record label was Tina's first album released under ?  Avenue/EMI
8. What is the name of Tina's dog ? Goldie
9. What song was a worldwide hit for Tina back in 1994 ?  Chains
10. Which movie had a Tina song in its soundtrack ?  Both
11. "I Want To Know What Love Is" is a cover of a song by  The Foreigners
12. Where is Tina from in Australia ?  Melbourne
13. What Descendance does Tina come from ? Italian
14. Which musical will Tina be performing in this year ?  Notre Dame De Paris
15. "Les Trois Cloches" is a cover of a song originally by Edith Piaf
16. Who of these covered a Tina song ?  Both
17. What song did Tina release off the Notre-Dame De Paris OST ?  Live For The One I Love
18. "I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You" was a duet Tina did with  Marc Anthony
19. The video for "If I Was A River" was shot in  Egypt
20. What was the highest chart position "Aller Plus Haut" got to in France ?  # 2